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Good evening everyone and welcome to this interesting group. We are learning alot of about some of the conspiracy theories with their uncanny symbologies that ties everything together with the illuminati and the cabal.

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Good evening to you as well..
Yes it’s certainly evident of the symbolism, it’s all around us, however it’s there for those that have eyes to see, what I mean is being awake to the whole construct of “ in your face and what are you going to about it” Ha! Ha! I say, you might be able to control this avatar (even that’s questionable) but they’ll never be able to control our free GOD given spirit/soul..! In the end this cabal looses as they devolve for their part in the oppression of humanity..

Hi Everybody.

This is James, just checking in for station identification.

Brought my Decoder Ring! And this one's not the cheap one from my Cracker Jacks.
This one's from Cap'n Crunch!! ;)

Looking forward to the adventure.

Greetings everyone. I am Tommy Hawksblood. I live in Hawaii. I do a few radio show a week. Please anyone want to come on with a subject please email me. Hawksblood1@aol.com.
I usually deal with spiritualism, religion, UFO's and aliens. I do talk about two words. One is Truth and the other is spiritual.


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