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Hello Everyone!
My name is darren-george: walker and I am very happy to meet all my fellow students!
I am working on Section 1 at the moment. I have my POA notarized and I now need to get this onto my county record. I contacted the ombudsman for where I live, which is west of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and this guy is probably not going to help. At least that is my forst impression of him. I also requested him to put me in contact with someone who would know some answers about how to record a POA. It is my feeling I will find my answers among the people in this group! Please let me know how I can assist any members here. Thank You!

Good day Everyone,

I am Sonja, it is a pleasure to be apart of this secured credit forum. I am looking forward to learning alot from everyone! I am working on ridding student loan debt and I am really wanting to understand & learn more about how being a secured party creditor is going to be beneficial for the future of my life and family. The world is changing right before our eyes! I look forward to the forum being intelligent, helpful and positive. Peace!



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