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Here is a helpful list of what each feature of the site does and how you can use and interact with it best. It is here in case you need it though to many people it may be self explanatory.

My Profile, takes you to your profile. from here, you can do everything from uploading music to sending gifts, managing apps, update the text box with custom information, edit your account and profile information, view the posts you've made and edit their display, customize your appearance, view your comments and do other things that makes your profile unique and truly your own. You have full control over every aspect and you have several ways of expressing your perspective of personality as you customize it to your hearts content.

The Members List, shows you the members list and whose admin, whose featured and whose online. Under each member listed, you will see a featured profile question whether it be location or something else, the ability to send them a gift or write a comment. If you want to know more about someone, click on their profile name or check to see if they are online in chat to say hello. Sometimes members may send messages to their friends, you can check your messages by viewing your in box on the site. All of this plus more settings including how to edit your profile information and account settings can be found in the control panel page
if you need it.

Groups, view member groups and join the group you want by clicking on its name. Create a group if you don't see something you like.

Events, view and share information about gatherings, online meetings and other important data by clicking on the name of an event listed in planning. You can create your own event also if you wish to organize something or simply to collect feedback before, on or during a certain date or time.

Photos, browse members photos and photo albums. Upload your own and share things you like to look at.

Videos, embed and upload videos you like. Browse videos that other members have shared.

Blogs, view what members are talking about in articles of interest or sharing personal experiences. Write your own entry and blog about what is important to you.

Forum, interact with members discussions and talk about interests that are shared across existing topics. Start your own conversation and let others reply to it and share their thoughts with you about things you enjoy and would like others to give their thoughts over about.

Leaderboards, shows popular content people are viewing and responding to.

Notes, share site updates with members from admins.

Pages, share custom information from admins to members and comment on existing content.

Home, view the latest posts and or post activity which always will refresh when you are taken to the site main landing page.

To view a post, click on its title. To comment on the post or to share and like it, go to the bottom of the post and scroll down until you see what you are looking for. Above the comments are the options to share and invite others to join in the post.

Contact an administrator if you have any questions or concerns. We hope you enjoy the site.

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