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Come and Join a couple of awesome new Sites Im now an admin of!

Greetings folks! I have some darn great news omg! Im very very excited. I was invited to become admin to 2 ning sites. One is http://www.Wiccantogether.ning.com 75k members, and https://www.starseeds.net nearly 20k members. Because they were so nice to let me onboard, I am adding one of as admin her name is Amber. She runs the Starseed.net site. We are bringing more expansion in this site and more activity, so you may find more and more people signing up on our site here. Its a good idea we all come together, Starseeds, lightworkers, wiccans, magickians, healers, sovereigns, leaders, motivators, whatever the heck you wish to label yourselves lol hahahahaha Im over labels seriously. We are all one and we are here to raise the vibrational frequency on this planet earth to help others to remember who they are and to get over our differences. We are all powerful limitless beings.

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Comment by Amber Nelson on September 11, 2018 at 9:17pm

I so appreciate the chance to work and help out you all!
thank you for your words of welcome. They are fantastic!
Blessings and love to you.

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