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Good morning everyone! Happy Jupiter day!!! Yep I love Jupiter the happy planet of
Expansion, growth, travel, foreign lands, good fortune, business, you name it! It’s a great time to do some spell work with Jupiter! Here is an interesting link to share on money spells using Jupiter sigil https://blackwitchcoven.com/enhance-your-money-spells-with-jupiter-...

Prosperity Spell With Jupiter Energy | Thursday - Miss Pravala


Today the moon is in Scorpio which can give it some strength and power magnifying it’s potency for wealth and fortune spells.

As a Psionic Magickian I simply add the Jupiter sigil to my radionics box and of course invoking Jupiter’s energy.

Here is an awesome mind movie to watch to bring wealth to you! They are quite addictive! All Is One https://youtu.be/Kk2cxgyzfMg 

I’d like to share a story with you! Last year my husband Phoenix Rising and I watched these videos for 1 month non stop every morning and every night! Amazing things happened during that time. This happened in September! Business began to pick up so much I was getting slammed with clients! It was crazy! Soon after, we took a trip to UK to visit Phoenix Rising’s Family, the inlaws, and friends! We got to travel to Spain, Mallorca, Tenerife, Hong Kong and Egypt! We were on vacation for 2 months! No joke have the videos to prove it! We were on vacation for 2 months straight! The only issue was we stopped watching the videos for those 2 months and things began to decline rapidly! It just goes to show that we are constantly being bombarded with negative daily subliminals from the news, stuff on Tv, from work, school you name it! All to do with fear and anger, division by the dark cabals or Draco’s if you will. The beautiful thing about this contrast is we realize where this is all coming from and we can be more discerning on what we decide to let in and keep out. We are all magickal limitless conscious beings and when certain frequencies trigger our emotions we project it into our reality! I had a very wealthy mentor that use to coach me on being very careful on what comes out of my mouth as far as negativity goes because I can bring it into his reality as well! He seemed pretty religious when it came to thoughts and words! As Witches, we cast spells with our words, and thoughts, and sometimes don't even realize it and need to take major precautions with this power! I go more into this in my book Sovereign Magick. 

His name was Eddie. He changed my life the day I met him back in 2004. I was only 29 then when I was going through an aweful divorce. Even though he wasn't a witch, wiccan himself, he was very magickal in the mind. He created air cars that traveled, of course on air, not gas and he was getting interrogated by the US government preventing him from bringing it into the country. Eddie was Tunisian and American and all he wanted was to do good for the world where we no longer needed oil to pollute our planet. Air is FREE! He use to say! That man knew so much regarding the power of the mind. He was a millionaire, but didn't act like one lol, He was very funny, eccentric and down to earth. He warned me about the powers that be, known as the Elite, and told me no matter what I do, they will always try to keep you down, even with business, they don't ever want you to climb up!

Why am I telling you this folks? This is the truth. The Roman empire never left! It changed to the Vatican, and now they have total control of the planet. They massacred thousands, millions of indigenous people who practiced the old ways, shamanism, herbalism, earth based spirituality, etc, and were murdered for not conforming to Catholicism. Here is a video I think you should watch regarding the control of the Vatican brilliantly put together by my friend Santos Bonacci. He goes back to the 1300s where the Pope created a Trust called Unum Sanctum which would give him control of all the human souls of the world through their baptismal and birth certificates. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9plu2MNiqrY If you haven't seen this, it will seriously blow your mind! And my video on The power of your Birth Certificate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32JgvfUz_lI

Also a very awesome movie if you haven't watched already that pretty much gives you a background on how we all got here in the first place Jupiter Ascending http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftaFUoSFYwI

But enough with the negativity. Just wanted to point out that there are darker forces at work here, preventing us from seeing who we truly are. The bomb!! lol Limitless Magickal Gods and Goddesses. This is the pinnacle point in our lives where we need to come together as a powerful tribe, and help each other remember who we are, why we are here, and that we are here for something greater, to volunteer to move our planet into 5D, higher vibration, moving away from the 3D reality of war, famine, fear, poverty, etc. It all begins with the mind, the power of the will, and using the forces of nature to counteract this. 

So use this day wisely to keep creating the life you want during this waxing phase. Stay focused on only what makes you happy and joyful, not what upsets you, disappoints you during this time. 

May you all have a most magickal abundant time today bringing wealth and abundance into your lives 

Much love light and bright blessings

Druanna Ravenmoon Shadow

Ps. Nothing happens by chance, there is a reason why Amber Nelson, Wiccan Together, and I have been able to keep this site going. We've been guided here to spread truth and this message out into the world, to as many magickal souls as possible as you are the strongest of the strong! According to this shaman lady 

2010 with Shaman, Kiesha Crowther 1/10

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK5OOfEmut4 This is no accident. 

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