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Good Morning everyone! My husband Phoenix Rising and I decided to change this site to http://www.GodsofAmenti.ning.com for a few good reasons. We both have a very strong connection to Egypt, Amenti,  plus Amenti has a lot to do with DNA activation and the shifts that are happening on this planet from 3D to 5D earth. We also notice majority of the members are of starseed, lightworker energy, or starseed magickians ;) We are admin to Wiccantogether.ning.com also and notice the mindset there is completely different lol Some of them don't believe they are Gods and keep themselves in the victim mode. Not many people are ready for this level of existence when they realize they created their own reality instead of having life happen to them. To each their own though. Not everyone is ready. Here in this forum I see people are very advanced in their knowledge and are already connected with the Gods within which I wish to continue to promote. We came back to this planet to remind others who they are, and show them tools to connect with that god inner self. Humanity is feeling too disempowered having to worship the presidents, the queens, kings, other political figures, forgetting that it is they who are the ones they been waiting for. ;)

We feel also this site will attract more people as its been sitting stagnant for years. We are here to empower those to remember who they are, those who came back to this planet to volunteer in helping with the progression into 5D reality of love, joy, abundance, freedom, etc. The more we can help those who are ready, to raise their energy, we can move out of this 3D space of fear, negativity, jealousy, chaos, disturbance, victimhood to true sovereignty. We are limitless beings, We are the Universe (Omniverse) This is our realization. 

I hope you all don't mind the name. You can thank the ancient ones of Egypt/Atlantis, in guiding us with the name change. ;) Check this video out on

Chambers of Light ~ The Halls of Amenti


Please make sure you bookmark this link http://www.GodsofAmenti.ning.com instead as Pagansouls is no more. 

Thank you. 

Bright Blessings, 

Druanna Wails

Ps. All of the lightworkers, starseeds, Steven Huchinson and his crew are all doing a fantastic job here pointing our Sails in that direction lol. 

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Comment by Amber Nelson on Saturday

Thank you for sharing this. :)
Wiccan together, from what I've noticed, could be better with the right kind of leadership. But right now the site is in a questionable future. And so having said this, saving the people will save much more than just a community which is where this site could come in to teach those ready to awaken to a higher vibration or reality.
Amenti, I admit isn't a subject I'm familiar with. Allow me to research this further. :)
All the best to you! Love you sister. I haven't known you for very long, but you are family. I can feel it.
My soul is warmed by your presence. Keep on fighting the good fight. The universe is thanking us all for the effort as we do reap what we sow. Or to put this another way, we are what we attract.
Let Pagan Space take over the Pagan souls initiative, itv's been doing it for as long as Wiccan together has without many problems :).
The important thing is, we have one another.

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