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Starting our new Pagan group Mystic Sea Coven in Northern Baja!

Good Morning everyone! I know its been like forever since I actually wrote a spiritual blog! Well we have come to an end living on the tropical paradise island Isla Mujeres Mexico. We realize that living on an island is not what its cracked up to be. The hot weather has been way too intense for us living especially on our Yacht. It would be way more different if we lived more north with moderate climate. The island has an issue with electricity where it seems to cut off from a few minutes to several hours. Imagine living in the sweltering heat with no AC! Yes the water is amazing and sailing is amazing as well. We are going to miss the water only lol We plan to sail our Gypsy Queen up to northern Baja Ensenada Mexico where the weather is much better and easier to live in lol

Also being without good internet has made it impossible to work at all. So we had to put on hold creating more courses, doing live rituals, and even live shows and interviews because of this. Its just been utterly impossible. 

Good news is we are finally heading back to northern baja to stay for good. Ensenada is only 2 hours away from California so we wont be too far from our American fans and friends. We cannot wait! The internet has gotten much better there too up to 300 megs in speed! Thank the Gods for that! We certainly need it! We have it here too but in the mainland only not the island. We plan to be there in the next week or so and we will keep you all posted once we have settled in.

We are starting our Covenstead there, where we will be taking in members and holding public Sabbats only. This will give us a chance to come out of the cave into the publics eye more and work on building a pagan community in Mexico. We've been seeing many Wiccan, Pagan, groups coming out of the closet so to speak as people are becoming more comfortable practicing their religions freely as this is a very catholic country. We've even seen some satanic groups, and lefthand groups coming out too. People are becoming even more acceptable of connecting with UFO's, intergalactic beings and we are also seeing a wide interest in the paranormal. This is great news because it is showing more openness in looking outside of the box and moving out of the conventional beliefs and orthodox traditions.

We planned on moving to Egypt but the issue there lies on freedom to practice your beliefs and me coming from a very pagan, magickal background It would not be a great idea. Yes visiting is always a fun experience but to live there and establish a pagan temple, for example would have some serious consequences. I had a man from Cairo email me who is a fan of ours and he told me that if he were caught listening to my videos, and others who share the truth and awareness, he'd be executed! Thats when I decided, you know what, never mind! Egypt can wait! We really hope that one day soon people can wake up from such an oppressive belief system where women are treated as dogs, and people cant enjoy the freedom of practicing their own belief systems without being tortured. Our experience in Egypt was amazing, with loving people we see as family and never had enough time to experience any horrors there. Its different for the foreigners or expats who live there compared to their citizens who are seen as agriculture. Hmmmm..... sound familiar?? 

We will keep you all posted once we resettle back in Ensenada. I am also looking forward to doing more live workshops there as well in person. It will give more people a chance to see how amazing this place is especially if you are getting sick of your restrictive countries. Baja is the place to be!

If you are trying to visit illuminatingvisionsltd.com, it is no longer available as we changed it to the http://www.MysticSeaCoven.com ;

We will be putting more attention on our Coven and expanding it. We are still offering Secure creditor courses, services and webinars so this will not effect that area. ;) If you want freedom from enslavement and want to use the alternative approach to wipe out all of debt issues and lawsuits go to https://securecreditor.com. You will find that many of our members in the Coven are also Secure creditors. 

Many blessings to you all here on Pagan Souls. 

Dr Druanna Wails

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