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Taken Back Wiccan Together Ning site with a good friend to resurrect it!

Good news everyone! I just got the opportunity from a dear friend who asked me to help him run http://wiccantogether2.ning.com/ of 20k members! We just resurrected it today! We are so happy and excited! Those of you who are spiritual, mystical, practice earth spirituality, shamanism, wicca, and the lot, you are all very welcome to join us here. Friend me on my profile http://wiccantogether2.ning.com/profile/DruannaJohnston
This site has been around for years, but was taken down, and we saved it. Lets see how this goes for all of us.

This is for the Wiccans, pagans, shamans, witches, magickians, etc. ;) Much love and Light. I will add my group we can chit chat in called pagan souls there okay. I am also adding my coven mystic sea coven there as well for those who wish to practice the old ways with me. Blessed be! )O(


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