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Testimonial on Discharging 2 accounts as a secure creditor!

AND I RECEIVED ANOTHER TESTIMONIAL TODAY FROM MY STUDENT TODD!! I’m so happy for him I’m overjoyed! He is a secure creditor and did a discharge on 2 accounts! Without having to do the administrative process or use the deadly weapon letter! He also wants to learn Magick from my buddy William Miller!! Ya see I don’t make these testimonials up! If I had to do that I’d stop teaching this years ago! I’m going to make a video on this today! It’s so funny! I read these comments from the naysayers about me last night after another student was trying to share with everyone just how my forensic investigation course helped them! Proms her name was! And the mean things these people were saying about me! Asking why I charge? If I’m still charging $2500 which I never did! Just naysaying idiots! Have no idea how long it took me to learn these methods and how much came out of my pocket to learn it and defeat certain agencies myself! This Is why I do what I do! I was guided by my higher mind to take this step and to keep going! If you don’t want to pay me or other gurus then learn on your own as I had to learn! Lol my methods will get you there quicker! https://SecureCreditor.com take advantage of the ultimate package deal for a low $650 before it shoots back up due to high demand! Also become an affiliate and make 40 percent on each package you sell!

Let’s all kick ass together and defeat the draconians using the power of knowledge! I love ❤️ you all!

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