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Comment by Bryan Trent Turner on Saturday

Lady Druanna,

I'm still learning to create 'promissory' notes correctly. As you know, FRN's, notes are created out of thin air. Would you put up a UCC guide for those of us who haven't changed over to using our golden autograph yet? Thank you for considering this Uniform Commercial Code approach to let others know where we may be. If we have filed UCC 1, UCC 1A, UCC 3, et cetera.

When we see: Title 4, Ch.1, Sec.1(Honoring Qaths/Flag Capture), Tittle 42, Ch.21Sec.1986(Certification of the Law), UCC 1-308(Reserving Rights/Contracts/Meeting of the minds/Full disclosure), UCC 2-201(2)(Under no Obligation to contract with anyone in costume). UCC 1-103(Proof of hidden Sovereignty).

My book is coming along so slow, steady but slow. I had to learn how to change my consciousness. Moving from Beta to Alpha(Earth to Water), to Theta (Air-Jesus said I will meet you in the Air), The finally Delta Fire- we will be baptized with fire). I had to actually Meditate, pray, and most importantly Fasting.

I would appreciate any suggestions, feedback or even knowledge from your own experience. I appreciate what you/we are doing.

Respectfully, Bryan-Trent:Turner (3 proper names = Fact).

BRYAN TRENT TURNER (0 proper names = fiction).

May the Divine Creator bless our Sovereign Family Network. A voice from the Republic from a Sovereign American National/State Citizen/Civilian. Light and Love to all Goddess-Girl.

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